Terrapin Bond Data API

Reference and pricing data for over 1.7 million global debt instruments

Say goodbye to sky-high fees, draconian licenses, and bad API docs.

Global coverage

Quickly access bond data across over 1 million outstanding and historical issues, covering:

Municipals (EU)
90+ Currencies
140+ Countries
Simple licensing

We have two simple licenses: internal use only, or with redistribution. That's it. We only ask that you mention Terrapin as a data source/partner on your website, and works or dashboards showing the data.

Fair pricing

Since we collect the data from several regulatory and public sources, we are able to charge 10-20x less than the competition. There are no minimum charges or setup fees.

Client first

Modern API docs, as it should be. Get your data in CSV or JSON formats. Need some data we don't currently have? Just let us know and we'll do our best to add it to our database.

$ curl --request GET \
  --url 'https://terrapinfinance.com/api/bond_reference' \
  --header 'accept: application/json' \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer [token]'

  "data": [
      "asset_class": "bond",
      "callable": false,
      "cfi_code": "DBFTFB",
      "country": "Austria",
      "coupon": 0,
      "currency": "EUR",
      "figi": "BBG0100Q9GY8",
      "interest_type": "fixed rate",
      "is_covered": null,
      "is_green": null,
      "is_inflation_linked": null,
      "isin": "AT0000A2QRW0",
      "issued_amount": 9055000000,
      "issuer": "REPUBLIK OSTERREICH",
      "issuer_type": "government",
      "lei": "529900QWWUI4XRVR7I03",
      "maturity_date": "2025-04-20",
      "maturity_type": "fixed",
      "min_increment": 1000,
      "name": "REPUBLIK OSTERREICH 0.0% 2025",
      "puttable": false,
      "rank": "government / state",
      "registration_type": "bearer",
      "ticker": "RAGB 0 04/20/25",
      "tp_industry_group": "public",
      "tp_sector": "public",
      "asset_class": "bond",
      "callable": false,
      "cfi_code": "DBFUFR",
      "country": "Belgium",
      "coupon": 1.375,
      "currency": "EUR",
      "figi": "BBG00BH3RNB8",
      "interest_type": "fixed rate",
      "is_covered": null,
      "is_green": null,
      "is_inflation_linked": null,
      "isin": "BE0002239086",
      "issued_amount": 500000000,
      "issuer_type": "corporate",
      "lei": "549300A3EZXECDLW2V25",
      "maturity_date": "2024-05-27",
      "maturity_type": "fixed",
      "min_increment": 100000,
      "name": "ELIA TRANSMISSION BELGIUM 1.375% 2024",
      "puttable": false,
      "rank": "senior unsecured",
      "registration_type": "registered",
      "ticker": "ELIATB 1.375 05/27/24 EMTN",
      "tp_industry_group": "utilities",
      "tp_sector": "utilities",

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