Improving access to
OTC market data

From static instrument information to market trades, we provide you with the data you need to stay on top of the bond, swap, and derivative markets.

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OTC markets don't have to be opaque

We're building the tools to give market participants visibility over the universe of instruments that exist, how they trade, and where they trade.

Terrapin Bond Data API

Reference and pricing data for over 1.7 million global debt instruments

Access bond data on government, corporate and european municipal bonds. Say goodbye to sky-high fees, draconian licenses, and bad API docs.

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Terrapin Compass

Post-trade data from all European venues in one consolidated source

Spot oportunities, improve risk models, and get a bird's eye view of European Bond markets (more OTC markets coming soon).

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Scan the market, find your investment

We're working to bring transparency and accessibility to the bond market, for both retail and institutional investors. That's why we built BondScreen - a comprehensive, free bond database that allows anyone to search over 500,000 global government and corporate bonds.

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Upload a document, get parsed data

Extract fields from prospectuses, reports, and more using our DocExtract tool. Simply upload a pdf, list fields you want to extract, and our tool will use AI to find them in the document. You can then download the results as a CSV file.

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