Built with the reality of market participants in mind.

Investment and research platforms

All the data your clients need with distribution in mind

Existing sources are expensive, difficult to integrate and come with restrictive distribution permissions. Many data vendors offer competing data "terminal" services and lack the incentives to help platforms succeed. Our "data-only" strategy allows us to build strong partnerships with investment and research platforms, and ensures you get the best terms to help you grow. Our integrated approach delivers high quality data with permissive distribution at an affordable price. Check our demo Screener for an example of what you can build with our API.

  • All the data you need with no limits on distribution
  • Multiple tiers available with flexible pricing (pay for what you need)
  • Good API documentation
  • Dedicated onboarding team and on-going support

Asset and wealth managers

Own your data, build your tools. All within budget.

Data costs have skyrocketed in recent years, and fixed income data remains the most expensive of all. At the same time, retrieval is burdensome, and access within and outside organisations is limited. As companies had continued building more sophisticated internal tools and bespoke processes, the data has not kept up with the pace of innovation. We believe data should be owned by the client and used as desired. Leverage the depth and quality of our data, combined with unique tools to explore it, while staying within budget.

  • View prospectuses alongside reference data
  • Access pricing information from multiple sources and estimated prices for illiquid securities
  • Share data freely with all colleagues and clients. No additional license required
  • Access through our API or pipe directly to your internal database
  • Excel Add-in available


Unlock new insights from market dynamics with trade-level data

The lack of a consolidated tape for bond trades in Europe means that many market participants do not have the full picture of the market when assessing fair value, liquidity and risk. We collect, clean and aggregate MiFID II post-trade reports from 15+ EU/UK APAs, covering 80+ European venues, unifying all trades into a single, easy-to-use source.

  • Observe market depth and detailed price action across all European trading venues
  • Track intra-day liquidity and historical patterns over longer periods of time
  • Buy side: improved pre-trade models and ex-post assessment of best execution
  • Sell side: evaluate and improve performance by comparing lost RFQ with executed prices
  • Combine with internal data sets to track exposure and risk statistics
  • Enhanced regulatory reporting

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